Typical Materials List

Your DIY Log Cabins Package

This detailed list of materials is based on a typical design. We provide the materials described below on a standard log cabin package, unless not applicable to the design. All other materials needed in the construction of your cabin, such as dimensional lumber, structural panels, windows and doors, etc, can be purchased locally at discount warehouses to save money and shipping costs.


Wall Logs:

Kiln dried pine logs. All logs are TPI graded. Each is pre-cut, notched and numbered for easy assembly. All logs are treated with borate for maximum protection.

Gable Logs (if applicable to your design):

Log gable ends provide the full energy efficiency of wall logs. Logs are kiln dried, pre-cut, borate treated for maximum protection. (Gable end to be trimmed on site.)

Porch Gable Log Siding: (if applicable to your design)

14' Log Siding Porch Gable Ends

Other Log Siding: (if applicable to your design)

14' Log Siding for Beam System

Porch Logs: (if applicable to your design)

Porch lintels and posts are pre-cut as part of exterior wall system. All logs are 6"x8" pre-cut yellow pine, kiln dried and treated with borate for maximum protection.
6"x 8" Porch Lintels
6"x 8" Porch Post(s)

Dowel Pins:

Wooden dowel pins are included for all log butt and corner joints. Like the old-fashioned pegged houses, these dowels provide an excellent seal at the vertical log wall joints.

Wood Dowels

Girder Sill Plate Log Siding: (if applicable to your design)

2 Courses of kiln dried log siding to cover the foundation band sill.

2 Courses Log Siding Sill Cover

Engineered Log Fasteners: (Specific to your log profile)

Tempered and coated engineered log fasteners are provided for installing all logs. Our engineered log fasteners will countersink themselves reducing construction time. Installation bits are included.

Tan Caulking:

A special color caulking is provided for all interior and exterior log joints. 10 ounce tubes make for easy installation.

DIY Log Cabins Tan Caulking

Exterior Wood Finish:

Exterior wood finish is provided for the exterior log walls of your cabin and is prepared in an oil based formula with "honey" color tones.

Interior Wood Finish:

Interior wood finish is provided on the inside of your log cabin. The transparent finish has a low luster satin sheen. The finish is water based and can be tinted. The interior wood finish is provided for the following: inside of your log walls, interior log siding applied to your exterior walls, log beams, log lintels, log posts, ceiling surface of 2x6 T&G.

Note: The following interior surfaces are not included for interior wall finish, but may be purchased separately if application applies: decking, top of flooring, wood trim, interior wood doors and cabinets.

Interior Wood Finish for Stockade Log Walls

(5 gal pails)

Second Floor Beam Logs: (if applicable to your design)

Second floor system is made of 6"x8" kiln dried yellow pine pre-cut logs. Each log is graded and treated with borate for maximum protection. The top course of the wall log is mill notched or hung with beam hangers to accept and carry the beams. Beam system also includes double log girders and support posts.

Log 2nd Floor Beams, Double Log Beams, Beam Post(s)

Foam Tape:

Closed cell foam tape is provided as the gasket between log courses.

3/8"x1/2" Foam Gasket (25'/Roll)

Window and Door Bucks:

Pre-cut 2" buck material to box your window and door openings. These add additional stability to your walls during construction and make stacking up faster and easier.

Log Overlays:

3 sets of log overlays. These are your log stacking instructions. Each numbered log for your cabin is shown by location to make construction faster and easier.

3 Sets Construction Overlays

Bundle Sheets:

Each cabin is packed for the most effective truck loading, so logs are typically bundled by length not by location in the house. A bundle sheet is provided showing what logs are in each numbered bundle, for quick and easy location of logs as needed during stacking.